Printing And Equipment Notes

Archival Quality Prints

My photographs are printed with a Canon image PROGRAF iPF 6100 24" printer. The brilliant color and accurate blacks and whites , with the ability to display subtle expression required for printing photographs is a result of the fine print head technology and the 12-color pigment ink system with LUCIA inks. These inks offer excellent color fastness and stability with a remarkably wide color gamut.. Vivid breathtaking, long lasting prints are regular products. We are told that these prints will not fade for over 100 years!

The paper that I use is Red River Paper Ultra Pro Satin 2.0. UltraPro Satin 2.0 looks and feels just like traditional photo lab paper and features a medium depth luster finish The UltraPro has fewer optical brighteners (OBAs) which means a more neutral bright white tone. UltraPro captures the true depth and range of colors in my photography.

All of my prints are sprayed with PremierArt Print Shield that increases lightfastness and scuff resistance. It is also excellent for the elimination of gloss differential. This lacquer based coating increases the already long life of my prints.

Print Prices
Print Size
Mat Size
Mounted &
Single Matted Photo
Simple Mat
& Frame
Shipping &
5x7 8x10 $ 25 $ 40 $ 5(mat) - $10(frame)
8x10 11x14 $ 45 $ 85 $ 15
11x14 16x20 $ 75 $ 145 $ 30
16x20 20x24 $ 125 $ 195 $ 40
18x30 16x36 $ 175 $ 250 $ 60
18x30 24x36 $ 175 $ 250 $ 60

Print Prices
Print Size
Heat Laminated on Gatorboard* Domestic Shipping & Handling
24" Panorama $ 150 $ 35
36" Panorama $ 225 $ 45
48" Panorama $ 325 $ 75
60" Panorama $ 395 $ 100
Gatorboard is a dense foam core material that can easily be hung on walls. The photograph is heat laminated to the gatorboard with a protective coating. This process is very good for large panoramas because glass or acrylic is not necessary to protect the image so there is no glare and the weight of the photograph is minimal. AddPro.comSearch Engine Optimization Free Website Directory